EQiQ Youth

EQiQ Courses encourages physical engagement while mentally enhancing the information with artistic expression.


EQiQ Middle School

They receive their own personal workbooks they can design and create in while following inspirational activities geared towards moral values through facilitation and positive reminders.


EQiQ High School

An individual becomes positively powerful when their feelings were respected, they given their voice, they were given their choice and they are authentically maturing.


Premium Course Plan

Many other competitive programs don’t assume the child has enough innate intelligence so they actually end up dumbing kids down with their socio-emotional development courses. This is because the emotional brain things very fast. Logic comes in and it’s slow and it doesn’t access it.

EQiQ Course access the limbic brain and immediately go into positive empowerment without unnecessary over expository information. All content is age appropriate and relevant.


Helping children stay connected to who they really are...

Our primary focus is keeping children connected to their true self. Our emotionally driven programs help them become mature, responsible, interdependent, thriving adults.