Our Courses

At EQiQ Courses we believe what you put into your mind is what your mind becomes. We give only the essentials and eliminate the superfluous fluff. We provide our teachers, parents, course facilitators and faculty the most distilled down versions that are easy to teach from. Our curriculum is direct, to the point and highly effective. Courses are designed for grades ranging from K-12.

Our Story

Our dedication to education began in the 1980’s. We have a combined totally of over 40 years teaching experience. Our content is approved by and developed in conjunction with world renowned cognitive scientists. We take pride in our Courses’ simplicity and effectiveness. We hope to reach millions of students with our two-year trajectory. To enroll your school in our curriculum, please contact us directly.

Valerie Bertrand

Valerie Bertrand is an American businesswoman, visionary, and is the founder of True Wealth Consulting which owns several other companies including EQiQ Courses. She aspires to transform conventional education with emotional curriculum by exposing students to ideas that promote a growth mindset knowing the future of learning is active with conversation, emotional exchange and value as humans regarding emotional intelligence.

Valerie Bertrand

Founder & CEO

Designs information for emotional intelligence. Founder of True Wealth Consulting and author and creator of EQiQ Courses.

EQiQ Courses

Courses K-12

Becca Luck

Educator & Director

Implements curricula in public schools and consults on the EQiQ Course curricula.

Children Thrive In Emotionally Safe Environments

We teach how to create emotionally safe environments. We support our teachers with the right curriculum. We help children thrive in their homes and classrooms.