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Thank you for taking time to visit EQiQ Courses.

We are super passionate about education, emotional intelligence, financial literacy and healthy perseverance through personal excellence. Whether in the classroom, home school or any educational atmosphere our instruction adds a whole new dimension to learning and self-exploration. We love to find out ways we can add more value to professional offerings and industrial lifestyles and we welcome your feedback!

Before you contact us, here’s one thing you should know:

Our current programs are designed for K-12. Our curricula focuses primarily on emotional intelligence, financial literacy and interpersonal creative growth. All programs are based on the instructors layout. We do not assess or advise any given students performance. We do not promote any particular method of learning, however, we do offer consultations about our courses. An EQiQ Courses 1-Hour consultation can be obtained for a fee.

EQiQ Courses is a very unique approach to learning and personal discovery. Our number one mission is to teach people how to learn, not what to think. All services are used and applied at your own risk and assessed based on sound mind and decision making.

With that said, if you would like more information on Valerie Bertrand’s availability (for consulting or speaking engagements), please click here to contact.

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EQiQ Courses
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